Vote to decide the Australian Hearthstone Global Games team

Posted on March 10, 2017

Sick and tired of Australian politics?  Well it is time to put your vote towards something with real importance.

Yes, that’s right, put aside your grievances of the Hearthstone players who always beat you, and vote for them to represent Australia!

The Hearthstone Global Games (HGG) will bring together 48 countries, each with a team of four players, to complete for their share of over $USD300k including the top prize of $USD60k ($USD15k per player).  The top players from each country have already been decided and now you can help choose the final three members of the Australian team from the eight finalists.

And you get a free Whispers of the Old Gods card pack for your voting efforts, valued at 100 Gold!  Which equates to approximately $AUD1.90.  Score.

You only get to vote for one player, so here is what the finalists have to say to sway your vote:

  • FroStee: “I have a strong preference for Midrange Paladin, Zoo and other control decks”
  • Ender: “I have reached top 8 in the ANZ Prelims all 3 times last year, had a second place finish, as well as being 1 of 4 AU players to qualify for the AP Playoffs this year”
  • ACCESSSS: “I play Hearthstone for the glory”
  • Twizz: “I believe I can strongly represent Australia at the Hearthstone Global Games”
  • CitizenNappa: “I am a competitive Hearthstone player”
  • GingaNinja: “Hearthstone players should vote for me because I am a skilled and dedicated player who would be honoured to represent Australia in the Hearthstone Global Games”
  • NaviOOT: “My favourite decks are control warrior and freeze mage”
  • RaINHaze: “It’d be a huge honour to represent Australia at HGG”

Jowen, who prefers non-linear decks, is the preselected representative for Australia.  And if by non-linear he means Murloc random mayhem, then all the better.

It is almost like a beauty contest
It is almost like a beauty contest

Although it would be tempting to vote for one of the few female gamers representing their countries, you can only vote for a player from the country you reside in (New Zealand gamers vote for Pathra!).  Voting for HGG closes March 12th 6:59pm (AEDST) and you can cast your vote here.