We Happy Few gets a huge content update

Posted on March 31, 2017

The survival indie hit, We Happy Few, just got a big update. Maidenholm is a collection of new content that drastically changes the way We Happy Few is played, according to the latest devblog.

The first of two major pieces of content coming to the game is the introduction of the long-awaited second island, the Village of Hamlyn: Maidenholm. Players can access in game newspapers to learn more about this new area.


The second major feature is ‘Playstyles’. When starting a new game, players can now choose the Birdwatcher, Downer, or Vigilante Playstyles.  While these settings affect difficulty, they vary gameplay more significantly. This is a first pass implementation and will evolve over time:

  • Birdwatcher: No hunger/thirst, game pauses in the menu, items are instantly equipped, NPCs are easier to kill and aren’t as bloodthirsty, and more resources exist (only partially integrated; more to come on this).  This Playstyle is designed for more casual players.
  • Downer: Hunger/thirst at normal levels, game does not pause in the menu, items will instantly equip, and there are normal resources/NPC threats.
  • Vigilante: Hunger/thirst intense, game does not pause in the inventory or shops, delay on equipping, and NPCs are more dangerous.  Designed for the masochists among us.

Permadeath remains available as an option for all three Playstyles.

We Happy Few is still available to download in the early access stage for PC and Xbox One, with no news on when it will see a full release. Anyone interested in the smaller details of the update can watch the following video or read the developer post.