Culdcept Revolt announced for 3DS

Posted on April 17, 2017

At the recent Nintendo Direct event it was revealed that Culdcept Revolt will arrive on Nintendo 3DS on the 1st of September in Australia both physically and digitally.

Culdcept Revolt is a collectable card game for the Nintendo 3DS. New players will find the familiar board game mechanics helpful in picking up the game, whilst seasoned players of the Culdcept series orĀ other collectable card games will revel in the fact that there is over 400 unique cards and multiple deck building options.

Culdcept Revolt offers fast paced fantasy gameplay and a world full of monsters and magic where you navigate the game board and summon monsters to do your bidding on your way to victory. You can play solo whilst discovering the story side of Culdcept Revolt or practice with your decks in solo match modes. You can also battle friends and strangers with up to four players and climb the leaderboards whilst fighting through unpredictable match ups.

Check outĀ  the announcement trailer below.

Culdcept Revolt is due out September 1st 2017.