Friday the 13th: The Game gets a release date

Posted on April 23, 2017

Everyone’s favourite hockey masked maniac finds himself making a new home on the PS4, Xbox One and PC thanks to Gun Media and Illfonic. What was once a Kickstarter funded project is now a completed title, releasing next month.

Originally set to release last year, Friday the 13th: The Game was pushed back to early 2017. Now, thanks to a new trailer, we know the game will be released digitally on May 26.

Check out the trailer below to catch all of Jason Vorhees unmerciful executions.

It has also been revealed that at launch, multiplayer will be the only mode available to play, while single-player will be released later for free towards the end of the year.

Multiplayer will include three playable maps: Camp Crystal Lake, Higgins Haven and Packanack Lodge. What you can expect to see is seven camp counsellors put their survival skills to the test as they try to escape and survive the hockey masked psycho, Jason Vorhees, who will be controlled by one of the multiplayer participants.

With only a month until release, I’m sharpening my blade and polishing my hockey mask in anticipation.