Ghost Recon: Wildlands DLC release date revealed

Posted on April 12, 2017

Ubisoft has announced the release date of the upcoming Ghost Recon: Wildlands expansion, Narco Roadand dropped some juicy details about the contents of the DLC pack.

The expansion is set to release on April 18th, and contains new targets and new vehicles for the player to utilise in Ubisoft’s latest open world. The plot points revolve around a new crime lord, named El Invisible, with the player infiltrating and earning the respect of three new gangs:  the Kamikazes, the Jinetes Locos, and the Death Riders.

The expansion also consists of more than 15 new campaign missions, four new types of side missions, and racing challenges for the speed demons out there.

Additionally, four new vehicle types are available including muscle cars with nitro boosts, planes for acrobatic flight stunts, tough-guy chopper bikes, and beastly monster trucks. There will also be four new outfits and nine new weapons available.

For those looking for more details on the game’s post-release content plans, check out the video below.

Season Pass holders can pick up the Narco Road expansion free of charge on April 18th, while non-Season Pass game owners will need to fork out some pocket change to gain access to the new content (currently priced at $15 US).