Injustice 2 – It’s Good to be Bad

Posted on April 2, 2017

The Injustice 2 roster just keeps growing as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment release another trailer showing off some of the games more antagonistic fighters. With the introduction of four villains (one who is a completely new reveal) I can’t help but feel that the heroes of Injustice 2 have their work cut out for them.

First we are treated to Gorilla Grodd, a super intelligent simian whose goal is world domination “Planet of the Apes” style, and possible leader of The Society of Super Villains. A fighter of superior strength, intelligence, and psionic abilities, he is no mere ape and may well play an integral role in the Injustice 2 story. As for his fighting capabilities, Grodd will likely be a close-to-mid range fighter by the looks of the trailer, preferring to rely on brute strength to deal most of his damage.


Both Scarecrow and Bane have been given some screen time in this devilishly evil trailer and both look quite fun to play. Bane appears to be another close range, strength fighter, with anyone foolish enough to take him head on opening themselves to a huge amount of damage. Scarecrow, who inspires fear in all who look upon him, appears to be a gadget fighter preferring to fight with a hook and chain. He would seem to be a close-to-mid range fighter, but with so little footage shown it’s still not clear.


Lastly, we are treated to a new super villain, Captain Cold, a veteran antagonist known well by The Flash. A master tactician, he sports a unique weapon called the “Ice Gun” which can freeze any target to absolute zero. Using his gun, Cold will be able to temporarily stun/freeze his opponents and wreak havoc and look cool while doing it (get it, “cool”?). My only concern is it’s hard to say that this character doesn’t feel like a knock off of Mortal Kombat’s Sub-Zero, but for now I’ll reserve judgement until I have chance to play.


I honestly cannot wait for Injustice 2 to arrive! Not only am I excited to fight alongside the good guys, but the villains actually have enough substance that I want to play with them too. This time around it’s the good guys who are getting hammered into the ground, and it has to be said that being bad never looked this good! Injustice 2 will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the 17th of May 2017. It’s also available for pre-order currently with exclusive additional content, including additional character skins, and super-villain Darkseid.