Meet the Deca-Controller – the world’s biggest functioning PS4 controller

Posted on April 24, 2017

Japanese website Gigazine has uncovered what seems to be the largest  functioning PS4 controller in the world.

This thing is huge, yet incredible!

Deca Controller 1

To help celebrate the 20th Anniversary of PaRappa the Rapper as well as its remastered return to the PS4, Sony Interactive Entertainment in Japan have put on display the Deca-Controller in their Tokyo office.

Deca Controller 2

Deca Controller 4

This ginormous controller is indeed wireless and functions quite similarly to a normal DualShock 4 controller (with some reduced functionality), it even lights up at the back and it’s playable. I know right, how awesome is that?

Deca Controller 3

For those wondering “What is PaRappa the Rapper?” PaRappa is an iconic rhythm video game developed by NanaOn-Sha and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation. The game followed the story of a young rapping dog (PaRappa) that journeys around his home town trying to win the heart of a flower girl named Sunny. This game pretty much paved the way for games like Sing Star, Guitar Hero, and more, particularly through its gameplay principles.


As much as you may be hoping that the Deca-Controller will be available to the rest of the world for home display, the answer is a definite no. It would cost millions to mass produce this massive controller.

Deca Controller 1

So in the meantime we can only dream and watch this awesome video showing the Deca-Controller in action, or you can just go to Japan and try it out?