Namco Museum brings retro games to the Nintendo Switch

Posted on April 17, 2017

Developer / publisher, Bandai Namco, has fulfilled every retro gamer’s dream with its recent announcement of Namco Museum for the Nintendo Switch. With Namco Museum it will be like the 80’s never ended. Players will be transported back to the days when denim jackets were cool and coin-operated arcades reigned supreme. This ultimate collection of beloved games features a truly classic line-up including favourites such as: PAC-MAN, Rolling Thunder, Galaga and Dig Dug!

The Namco Museum will feature a challenge mode, presenting players new and unique challenges for each game within the collection. There’s also a ranking system where players can compete to earn the number one spot on the worldwide challenger-board for their favourite Namco arcade classics.

Available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch, this announcement will give players the freedom to play Namco Museum anytime, anywhere, and against anyone via the games online ranking system.

Bandai Namco, seemingly thinking of everything, have also allowed the functionality to turn your Switch vertically for a taller, slimmer screen that replicates the original arcade experience. I doubt it will be long before we see 3rd party stands which will turn your Switch into an actual miniature cabinet!

Due for release in mid 2017, Namco Museum is already on my wish list!