New ESO gameplay trailer showcases the Wardens of Morrowind

Posted on April 19, 2017

A new gameplay trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind has the nostalgia hitting hard, and has rekindled my desire to give Elder Scrolls Online another go. The Wardens were announced a while back when the details of the expansion were first confirmed, but the new trailer shows off the first new class being added to the game in much greater detail.

Here is a quick look at what players can expect:

  • Animal Companions – Summon powerful creatures and order them to dive bomb the enemy, scorch a group to the ground, swarm them with Fetcherflies, call your falcon to increase your agility, or make a hovering Betty Netch to increase your spell damage with its magical vapours. The Feral Guardian ultimate ability summons a large grizzly bear to your side, making your power combined a force to be reckoned with.
  • Green Balance – Use the nature around you to heal and buff your team by seeding healing mushrooms, blooming fields of blooms to heal over time, grow vines to protect and revitalise your allies, and cast blessings of the Lotus Flower to your friends. The Secluded Grove ultimate ability is a massive heal over time that encompasses an 8-meter radius and restores up to six targets.
  • Winter’s Embrace – Control frigid magics to protect yourself and allies with a Frost Cloak that increases spell resistance, Arctic Wind that heals yourself and damages enemies with Frost Damage, Shards of Eyes that skewer your enemies, protection against projectiles, and an ancient Frozen Gate to teleport your enemies against their will. The Sleet Storm ultimate ability creates an icy blizzard that reduces movement speed, applies Frost Damage over time, and protects allies.

Warden screenshot

In my MMO life I tend to navigate towards healing roles as a preference, but there is often a lack of flexibility in terms of healing /offensive play styles (enter the beast that is the argument surrounding whether healers should /should not DPS). Hybrid classes are difficult to achieve effectively, not just because of skill choice, but also due to game mechanics in general. Druidic classes have a huge appeal to me given their mysticism and natural connection and I am really excited to see how this class plays out in game.