Watch Dogs 2 PvP mode and 4-player coop will be free

Posted on April 1, 2017

Ubisoft has released a blog post that contains their plans for Watch Dogs 2 in the coming months. The post contained a roadmap (shown below) that points to their upcoming ‘No Compromise’ DLC, a free PvP update, a free 4-player coop mode, and other small features arriving in the next few months.

watchdogs 2 roadmap

The No Compromise DLC is set to bring about new operations, clothing, weapons, and races and is set to arrive on the 18th of April for PS4 and the 18th of May for Xbox One and PC.

The upcoming ‘Showdown’ PvP game mode pits two pairs of experienced players against one another in one of three distinct challenges: Steal the HDD, king-of-the-hill style “Doomload,” or Erase/Protect the servers. Although initially intended as a premium DLC release, community feedback prompted Ubisoft to make it freely available for everyone when it releases in April.

Also arriving for free in June is 4-player cooperative support that will allow you and 3 others to explore the city and engage in activities together.

Thank you Ubisoft, bring on the free content!