Absolver may be the most stylishly slick Action-RPG around

Posted on May 22, 2017

Absolver is the upcoming Action-RPG from indie studio Sloclap whose unique style and fluid combat make it stand out from the crowd.

Published by Devolver Digital, Absolver offers sleak hand-to-hand combat, inspired heavily by different martial arts techniques. Attacks chain together seamlessly and the superb animation quality and impact of each blow puts other games in the genre to shame.

With an intricacy to its fighting and the ability to customise and improve your moves, Absolver is looking to offer depth of combat to players who want to perfect their fighting.

The game allows you to unlock new attacks, blocks and parries and customise your fighter with your ideal move-set. Each move will come with an indicator that highlights the attack’s speed and damage. If Absolver is able to offer a lot of different moves, we will no doubt see huge variety from one playstyle to the next.

Using stance-based combat, Absolver will see players go up against both NPCs as well as other players. Having already been compared to Dark Souls, the game will have elements of a single-player experience as you progress through the game’s story as well as co-op and PvP elements as other players from around the world join your game as your ally or as your foe.

Releasing on August 26 for the PC and PS4 (Xbox version releasing at a later date), Absolver is one game that’s most definitely on my radar.