Australian artist creates 151 new Australian Pokémon

Posted on May 28, 2017

Paul Robertson you are an absolute genius. Someone give this man Australian of the Year!

In case you haven’t heard of Paul Robertson, he is an Australian pixel artist and animator that has had his hands in some pretty impressive film and animation projects such as Rick & Morty, Gravity Falls and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game.

This legend has designed a unique Australian Pokédex incorporating Australian culture in to each new Pokémon. There are 151 new Australian Pokémon and the name choices and physical appearances are just pure brilliance!

You can check Paul’s epic Australian Pokedéx in the pictures below.


POKEDEX SHEET 1 POKEDEX SHEET 2 POKEDEX SHEET 3 POKEDEX SHEET 4 POKEDEX SHEET 5 POKEDEX SHEET 6If Gamefreak are looking for a new region with new Pokemon for their next game, maybe they should consider moving the game to “Straya” (Australia). But could you imagine a bogan Pokémon trainer? *chuckles* “Mum I’m goin’ on me Pokémon Adventure.”