Call Of Duty Zombies Chronicles announced after leak

Posted on May 7, 2017

Call of Duty: Black Ops III is about to get a big content pack called Zombies Chronicles which includes 8 remastered ‘zombies’ modes from across Call of Duty history. PS4 players will be the first ones to get the update when it releases May 16th. Dates for the release of the pack on other platforms have not yet been announced.

Treyarch Studio co-head Jason Blundell announced the news during a guest spot on YouTuber JCBackfire’s show the other day. The way Blundell chose to reveal the news was via a t-shirt and he said that Zombies Chronicles is “A love letter from Treyarch to the CoD fanbase.”

Treyarch are holding a live-stream on May 8th to tease more details about Zombies Chronicles.

The news is confirmed  following rumours of the update via a leak from a reddit user who decrypted a black ops ‘message of the day’.