The Culling is coming to Xbox One

Posted on May 26, 2017

The Culling is an adrenaline pumping, friend smacking, blood splattering, first person fight to the death.

Initially released for PC and Linux on Steam in March 2016, it’s now set to come to Xbox One as a console exclusive in June this year.

In the style of Battle Royal or Hunger games, The Culling takes place as a 16 player free-for-all death-match. Using anything and everything to kill your opponents in 25 minutes, The Culling is set as a deadly gameshow, with only one contestant getting out. Without re-spawns or second chances, it’s definitely a kill or be killed world. There’s also a duo mode included that lets you fight alongside a friend.

The Culling's ghoulish stage for murder matches.
The Culling’s ghoulish stage for murder matches.

The Culling features crafting, trap building, customisable characters, scavenging, and a few contest show game modes.

Customisable Characters
Customisable Characters

Xbox One owners can rejoice! As for the first time, this deathmatch is coming to your console! All this and more is set to come with the developers promising to closely monitor feedback to give you the very best console experience. It will continue to develop as it is releasing as a Game Preview title on the Xbox One store, so get in early and watch it grow.

Xbox One is currently the only console that will host The Culling with the game set to preview June 2.

Get it on Steam here.
Watch the trailer below.