Devolver Digital announce first ever E3 conference

Posted on May 17, 2017

E3 is only just around the corner, and whilst we expected the big names in video game publishing to be attending (Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Nintendo, Bethesda) we didn’t quite expect to see indie games publisher Develover Digital stepping into the ring.

Devolver Digital have confirmed via Twitter that they will be holding a press conference at E3 this year.

Though a time and date were not specified, they did let Twitter followers know it wouldn’t be taking place in the parking lot opposite the venue.

Devolver are responsible for publishing  some of the most interesting and out there games available, such as the psychedelic murder-fest Hotline Miami, or the deep and agonisingly difficult Gods Will Be Watching.

More details are expected to come soon, so stay tuned by following them on twitter.