E3 2017 press conference schedule and more revealed

Posted on May 17, 2017

E3’s huge press conference starts on Sunday the 11th of June (AEST). This means the biggest event of the year for gaming is just 4 weeks away. The yearly press conference is attended by big names in the tech and gaming industry to announce upcoming products and games. This year, 15,000 tickets went on sale for the event, which have now all been sold.

EA, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Sony, Bethesda and Nintendo have been listed as some of the developers attending the conference. There are some uncertainties in the expected schedule, but as of now the schedule is as follows:

E3 2017 press conference dates and times (based on AEST):

  • EA  – 11th of June 5:00am
  • Microsoft – 12th of June 7:00am
  • Bethesda – 12th of June 12:00pm
  • PC Gaming Show – 13th of June 3:00am
  • Sony – 13th of June 11:00am
  • Nintendo Spotlight – 14th of June 2:00am
  • Ubisoft – Unknown

The big question-mark for the show remains to be Ubisoft, with no announcements made by the company regarding their stage times. But what can be expected from the remainder of the announced companies is something to get excited about.

With the exciting line up revealed, here’s what’s expected at the event so far. Nintendo have listed their show as a Spotlight, so details around the upcoming games being released on the Switch are expected. I’m personally hoping for details around the recently announced Xeonoblade 2. I also stand with the many who hope for details surrounding the release of Super Mario Odyssey as well.

EA are expected to provide updates about Star Wars, Battlefront 2, and maybe even BioWare’s new IP! Many are also hoping to hear details about Microsoft’s upcoming console, Scorpio.

With these details, and possibly much more to be revealed, this year’s E3  is lining up to be an amazing event! Are you excited for E3 2017?