Fallen Ghosts DLC coming soon to Wildlands

Posted on May 16, 2017

Ghost Recon: Wildlands players have more DLC to look forward to in coming weeks, in the form of Fallen Ghosts, according to the UbiBlog.

The expansion will feature 15 new missions, set after the main story of the game. Grinders will be happy to know that the level cap will also get increased to 35 with the upcoming DLC, up from the previous level 30 that dedicated players would have already achieved upon completion of the campaign.

Ghostrecon 3

Nine new unlockable skills are also available, including physical skills (Oxygen increases the time you can swim underwater, Reaction Marking heightens your senses, allowing you to tag anyone who shoots at you), weapon (Explosive Bolt lets you equip your new crossbow with explosive bolts, Fast Reload increases your dexterity letting you reload weapons faster) and drone skills (Flash Drone turns your drone into a mobile flashbang, Drone Vengeance equips it with an explosive payload which detonates if it’s shot down by an enemy.)

In the DLC, a new faction named the Los Extranjeros are hunting the Ghosts after they survive a helicopter crash in the jungle. Along with the new enemy faction, there are four new bosses to take down and three new regions to explore, including a swampland.

After the Narco Road expansion launched only last month, Wildlands players can expect the Fallen Ghosts DLC to be released on May 30th for season pass holders and June 6th for everybody else. In our review, we said “…Ghost Recon: Wildlands is trying to be a solid, entertaining and well-produced open-world shooter that you can play with your mates, at which it thrivingly succeeds.”

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