Gwent Public Beta dates announced

Posted on May 21, 2017

For many of you who loved and adored The Witcher 3, you would have at some point come across the game Gwent.

Gwent is a card game you can play in The Witcher 3 as you travel the lands carrying out quests. The minigame saw a lot of popularity, and a variety of streamers would spent a lot more time in their stream battling against difficult NPCs to obtain rare and very strong  Gwent cards rather than completing story quests. Twitch patrons seemed to enjoy this aspect of Witcher 3 a lot and as such, the game came to life in its own right as a stand alone game which was announced back in June 2016.


I’m a big fan of TCG games, and to the dismay of many gamers, I never finished The Witcher 3 because I spent most of my time running around yelling “do you want to play some Gwent!?”  at NPC’s like an idiot. 35 hours later, I  was still in the tutorial town playing Gwent.

I was very excited for the announcement of the stand alone Gwent game and it looks amazing.  I just had one worry; the game up until recently was only being advertised for PC and Xbox One. There was little mention of a PS4 port and although we knew there was going to be one, there was little detail around when.

Great news for me and other PS4 owners then, as alongside the announcement of Gwent going into Open Beta, the PS4 console was added in as one of the platforms to have access to it.

The game will go down for maintenance on the 22 to the 24th of May for those who have closed beta access. Once maintenance is complete, anyone will be able to jump in and play! For us Australian players who missed out on the Closed Beta,  that means we won’t have access until the early hours of the 25th of May.

If you want more details around what to expect and how the game works, below is the video of the live stream event CD Projekt Red held a few nights ago. Are you excited to get into the open beta and start building decks?