A Hole New World offers chance to win the game on NES cartridge

Posted on May 4, 2017

A Hole New World is set to be unleashed on the 19th of May for PC and Xbox One, with the PS4 release coming soon afterwards. A Hole New World is a perfect homage to the classics of old, being created with the same vibe and aesthetic of an NES game. So apart from getting to have an epic nostalgia trip, what’s all the fuss over this game, you say?

Mad Gear Games have announced that the first 3 people to get in contact with them once they have unlocked all achievements or trophies  for the Xbox One or PS4 versions, will receive an actual NES cartridge that not only runs ON the consoles, but includes the soundtrack as well.

I’ll say it again. A TRUBLUE dinkydie super limited NES cartridge of A Hole New World.

This is one perfect opportunity for any collector or trophy hunter out there who has a love or passion for any NES items.  Or heck, even if you just want to square up to the challenge!

So remember kids, the release date for A Hole New World is on the 19th of May. Mark it down, circle it and start practising your moves!
You can head over to Mad Gear Games website right here to grab their contact details in preparation, or to view more info on the game if you’re only interested in playing for the nostalgia. Either way, get ready to sink your teeth into a truly amazing looking game!