Move over Pikachu, it’s time for Magikarp to shine

Posted on May 26, 2017

Jump Magikarp jump!

It is not surprising to hear of yet another Pokémon game for iOS and Android, particularly since the success of titles such as Pokémon GO.  Being a big fan of the series myself, I even played games like Pokémon Duel for far longer than I should have.

Every once in a while, though, something original – and in this case quite bizarre – comes along.

Magikarp Jump is the latest offering from The Pokémon Company International, and is solely focused on the true underdog of the Pokémon series: Magikarp.

My new insult word is now Tragikarp
My new insult word is now Tragikarp

This fairly useless Pokémon is the source of more jokes than being of actual use, but despite this, many Pokémon trainers (including myself) include a Magikarp in their party and wait patiently until it evolves into the mighty Gyarados.  And you have to feel sorry for the little Pokémon who only seems to jump around in a panicked state (like a fish out of water you might say).

Mayor Karp... please don't say you are going to massage my fish?
Mayor Karp… please don’t say you are going to massage my fish

In Magikarp Jump you feed and train your Magikarp not for it to evolve, but to develop this ordinarily useless jumping ability.  Once trained, you can compete to see if your Magikarp is best at jumping.  Yep, that’s the whole game.  Nothing more to see here.  Unless you become captivated with the game’s very quirky objective.

... and this is the game. Magikarp jumping. I can't stop laughing.
… and this is the game. Magikarp jumping. I can’t stop laughing.

Although Magikarp Jump is free, in-game purchases allow you to customise your Magikarp’s home (and why wouldn’t you?) and purchase food and items to help with training.   This game is worth checking out for the random-factor alone.  And who knows? You may end up being a master Magikarp trainer.