New Dragon Age game in the works, BioWare writer says

Posted on May 23, 2017

We all have a favourite RPG or developer, one that we simply can’t help but be excited about like a kid in a candy store when you hear there’s a new game in the works. Well today’s a special day for me because this bit of news combines both my favourite RPG and developer.

Rumour of another Dragon Age game being in the works has been confirmed thanks to BioWare writer Alexis Kennedy. Whilst this rumour has been floating around since Kennedy himself signed onto BioWare, it’s exciting to finally have this confirmation. In an interview with Eurogamer,┬áKennedy talked at length about what his involvement would be on the new Dragon Age project. He also spoke about what it’s like to work with Dragon Age mastermind Mike Laidlaw and writer Patrick Weekes, as well as the team at BioWare Edmonton.


Dragon Age Inquisition set the scene perfectly for a new and incredibly exciting world for fans of the series in its last DLC, Trespasser. Things ended with a dagger firmly placed in a map on the Tevinter Imperium. This is a location much talked about in the Dragon Age lore and games, but never visited, so it will be extremely exciting to head to the where the Mages rule.

Right now there’s no further information or date for this new Dragon Age currently in the works, however with this news popping up so close to E3 we may yet hear something from BioWare themselves very soon.