Oasis Games @ BitSummit 2017

Posted on May 21, 2017

Chinese indie developer and publisher Oasis games  announced this week that it will be showcasing two new games at Japan’s BitSummit festival. The festival is happening this very weekend.

Hidden Dragon Legend: Shadow Trace
Developed by MegaFun games. It is described as a 2.5D action adventure game set in Imperial China. The story follows a sword master seeking to regain his memory and confronting a secret organisation called YAO, as the gameplay trailer below demonstrates. We can expect fast beat em up action, many hit combos and special moves.  This is touted tor release on PS4 and Steam. Release TBA.

Light Tracer 
Developed by Void Dimensions this is a VR puzzle game. The aim is to lead a princess through 8 chapters, climbing a babylonian tower to save her homeland.  Mixing classic platforming with VR the key to advancing will be how the player looks at things. There is currently no gameplay video available, so how this will work in practice is anyones guess. It does look pretty cool though, definitely one to keep an eye on if you like VR. It is due for release on PS VR, Steam VR and HTV Vive. Release TBA.


Oasis games prides itself on being an ambassador of sorts, connecting Chinese developers with Western Markets. Previous games include Naruto Online and the award winning KOI for PS4.

BitSummit is Japan’s Industry-Leading Independent Game Development Festival. It is running this weekend May 20/21 and progress can be followed via the offical page