PAYDAY 2 is coming to VR

Posted on May 11, 2017

PAYDAY 2 is ready to take the next big step, a virtual reality mode. This update will be free for all who own the game as well. The biggest news however is that those using the VR mode will still be able to play alongside those in the regular FPS mode in multiplayer.

In the announcement stream, representatives from Overkill Software showcased the trailer and showed off the hardware necessary. Players were shown using a HTC Vive headset and motion controllers to play. Aiming down the sights and even dual weapons are available in this mode. The developers went on to explain that this would not be a one off experience, instead the entire game will be playable in VR.

The VR features include full-body cover system, use of leaning mechanics and interactive environments. VR players will still be able to revive comrades, steal jewels and hold hostages.

The beta will begin in 2017.