Overwatch’s Sombra is finally getting her ‘sit’ emote

Posted on May 10, 2017

Overwatch is definitely a game with a very solid and passionate fanbase, so when little things like emotes and who has and hasn’t got them are on the line, you can be sure that this dedicated crew of lovable misfits are on it. It was this exact question which was asked recently by XHAD on the US battle.net forums which prompted a lot of discussion.

“At this point we had three events since sombra came out and we are still waiting for a sombra sitting emote and I feel like that is way to much stuff to be included yet not have a sombra sitting emote even though every other hero has one.”

In all honesty XHAD does have a solid point here. Blizzard’s line of sitting emotes went off with a bang since their introduction and have been used to great comical joy across the game. Some characters have even been able to use their sit emotes to a tactical advantage, I’m looking at you Junkrat.

Junkrat sit emote

XHAD also has a point as literally every other hero has one! This makes Sombra’s lack of emote even all the more shocking.

Thankfully that’s all about to change for Sombra lovers and loot box collectors out there as Overwatch god himself, Jeff Kaplan, has commented on XHAD’s post giving us all the answer we’ve been looking for…

“It’s coming in the next major content patch.”

Although this isn’t an exact time frame, it’s still great news and I’m left to sit here and wonder what a Sombra sit emote might look like or what crazy ‘hack the world’ form it might take.