Space exploration RPG The Long Journey Home releasing soon

Posted on May 14, 2017

German Point & Click developer/publisher Daedalic  are just about ready to release their anticipated space exploration game The Long Journey Home. 

In this RPG, players will command a 4-person crew that ends up lost on the other side of the universe after a  light jump goes horribly wrong. Players will find themselves having to survive between a rapidly deteriorating ship, procedurally generated environments and the politics  of alien species they discover on their attempt to get back home.

Andreas Suika, lead game designer for The Long Journey Home, explains the idea behind the game: “Being lost and alone is a fear we can all appreciate. Now, imagine being on the other side of the universe, alone, low on resources, never knowing what awaits after the next jump. The Long Journey Home taps into that primal longing for home, while also providing a colourful, comic universe that players will have a blast exploring and returning to.”

The game is set to launch for PC on May 30th.