Battleborn’s multiplayer goes free to play

Posted on June 7, 2017

If you’re keen for some more online shooter action then today’s your lucky day; as long as you’re a fan of Battleborn’s struggling multiplayer, that is.

Back in September of last year rumours of Battleborn becoming partially free to play started circling and Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford was quick to deny them as reckless and simply rumour, however it would seem they were anything but. Starting today Gearbox Software’s hero shooter Battleborn is allowing gamers to download its multiplayer content as part of a “free trial” of the game. This will allow you to gain instant access to all of the game’s competitive multiplayer content while still keeping its single player content behind a pay-wall.

The free to play version of Battleborn will give players access to 6 weekly rotating characters of the game’s playable 30 characters. Your character and player account progression is permanent, so when a particular character rotates out of the current roster line up and then return, any progress you’ve made will still be there, including any unlocked content. Content such as heroes, skins, boosters, and Story Mode Operations will be unlockable separately via the in-game marketplace, and can be purchased either with in game credits or platinum premium currency.

Players who purchase single items and then decide they like the game enough to upgrade to the full game will be compensated with in game credits for duplicated items, and anyone who already owns the game will be upgraded to “Founder” status, which will include Legendary Gear, 1000 Platinum, 50,000 Credits, loot packs, a “Founder’s Crown” flair item, and other bonuses. Also in the mix is a few new in-game training modes to hopefully help the new influx of players.

The Free Trial is available for download now on Xbox One and PC, while PS4 players will have to wait one more week for access on June 14th. For more information on Battleborn’s new Free Trial setup, head on over to the Battleborn Blog here.