Blizzard are ready to launch Overwatch players into space

Posted on June 21, 2017

For the last few weeks PC fans have been jettisoning themselves to the moon on Overwatch’s Public Testing Region to experience the new map, Horizon Lunar Colony. Well the time has finally come for all Overwatch fanatics to visit the birth place of our favourite sapient scientist with the new map hitting all Overwatch servers today.

Image of a starting area on the new Overwatch map, Horizon Lunar Colony

The map features a fantastic zero gravity location which outside of being awesome raises the question, how did all Overwatch characters learn to breath in the void of space? If you were hoping that you could fling yourself around the well of Illios like you’re filled with helium than get excited because the update also brings Zero Gravity to the list of Arcade Modes.

Letting you jump and throw items well beyond their limits, be prepared for a turret form Bastion to slowly float into view shortly before you are eliminated. Having had a chance to play the mode on the PTR I can confirm that it is nothing but bedlam and fun. I can highly recommend Sombra who can throw her teleport to the roof of the play area and slowly drift to the ground hacking high flyers as she goes.

The update is now live to download for Xbox One, PS4 and the live servers for PC so be sure to jump on and just give in to the mayhem that will follow. To get an idea of what to expect from the mode check out this lighter than air Hanzo in this clip from Youtube user Cae-On v.