Bombshells blast into the Agents of Mayhem

Posted on June 28, 2017

Upcoming action-adventure game Agents of Mayhem has released another trailer showcasing three brand spanking new combatants to play alongside – the Bombshells. Described as “the most volatile” members of MAYHEM, a corporate law enforcement unit, the Bombshells are only called to action “when circumstances are most dire”. Watch, in this new trailer, as they wreak havoc against their enemies.

While the trailer doesn’t delve too deep into the characters’ back stories, we luckily get a bit of information on each of them. Joule is a drop-dead gorgeous femme-fatale, whose first-class engineering skills allow her to create some rather dangerous weaponry. She’ll blast you into oblivion all while still managing to get the perfect selfie at the same time.

Bombshells 1

Rama is noted as being “the world’s foremost immunologist”, uses her vast knowledge of poisons against her enemies with a laser-powered sniper’s bow.  The third bombshell, despite the feminine termed moniker, is Soccer obsessed lunatic Red Card. He much prefers to hit things in his path rather than shoot them – quite odd for a soccer player one would think.

Developed by Volition and based within the same world as the popular gaming series Saints Row, Agents of Mayhem is shaping up to be a hectic, fast-paced, game with hours of gameplay ahead. Agents of Mayhem is due for release on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on August 18th.