Creators of Sniper Elite series unveil the ‘Strange Brigade’

Posted on June 8, 2017

In a list of “things I didn’t know I needed until someone told me“, Rebellion, creators of Sniper Elite and the Zombie Army spin-offs, have announced this morning their new title — Strange Brigade.

Emulating the aesthetic of 1930 Pulp Serials, the 4 player co-op game sets your elite unit in the dwindling days of the Great British Empire as you “investigate” supernatural disturbances in exotic and remote locations. What we mean by “investigate” is battle zombies and skeletons in a 3rd person romp through ruins and tombs that will bring back fond memories of Indiana Jones and the over-the-top action set pieces.

Rebellion released Sniper Elite 4 back in February and it was met with a lot of positive feedback, especially for the fun co-op gameplay — so here’s hope that lightning strikes twice. I mean, what’s more fun then catching your Zeppelin with your closest friends to far away backdrops while you fend off a giant Anubis statue?

Strange Brigade is yet to reveal a release date but you can head over to their website to register for updates and go into the draw to win a copy of the game. We are sure more will be revealed at this years E3 but for now be sure to check out the reveal trailer below; now available in amazing technicolour!