E3 2017: Anthem full reveal – new Bioware IP

Posted on June 12, 2017

Teased yesterday at EA’s press conference, more about Bioware’s next big IP, Anthem, was revealed today; Microsoft had the low down on this new title.

Bioware came out themselves with game director John Morner showing off some real time gameplay. Freelancers are the protectors of humanity in this harsh world. Equipping various suits allows some versatility to change up how you want to play. The Exo suits are customizable and will alter the gameplay experience.

In an open world setting, you will join other plays online for quests and exploration missions through vast arrays of environments in quick succession thanks to the Exo Suits.

No release date as of yet but it’s expected sometime in 2018. It can’t come soon enough. Stay tuned for more information during the E3 conference over the coming days.