E3 2017: Ark: Survival Evolved is finally leaving early access

Posted on June 13, 2017

The golden child of early access Ark: Survial Evolved is finally nearing completion and developer Wildcard want to give it a proper launch. Coming officially to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC to purchase on August 8th 2017, Ark will also see a physical release.

As part of this physical release Wildcard have give gamers the choice of 3 options. A standard edition which will give you simply the game, An ‘Explorers Editions’ which will grant gamers the season pass as well as a copy of the game and finally the ultimate of all collectors editions in my opinion: The ‘Limited Collector’s Edition’.

This glorious box includes a copy of the game and all free content, the Season Pass, a leather-bound ‘Explorer’s Notebook’ featuring notes of every creature found in the game, an Ark necklace, a cloth map, the game’s soundtrack, and (oddly) a poster of everyone on Wildcard’s development team.

Even if you’ve been on the fence about Ark: Survival Evolved, I’m convinced this Collector’s Edition is enough to sway you.