E3 2017: Ashen 4K trailer

Posted on June 12, 2017

Microsoft sure do enjoy delivering dark ominous games. I mean, we just saw the new Metro trailer, Deep Dark Galactic, The Last Night, State of Decay 2, why not add another one.

Independent New Zealand based game studio Aurora 44 and Annapurna Interactive displayed at the Microsoft E3 conference the trailer for their upcoming title, Ashen.

To be honest with you, for an independent company, it looks like they did an amazing job. The storytelling hook this trailer has definitely reels you in but its the 3rd person combat that had me amazed.


Add some messed up smoke demon creatures that rip out of corpses, a massive bad-ass blind folded samurai giant, and a quest to defeat the darkness that plagues your home land, and we have an amazing adventure on the way.

The whole game feels  like a claymation movie and it looks absolutely beautiful.

No doubt this will be a favourite so keep your eyes out for Ashen.