E3 2017: BattleTech brings life to Mech RTS

Posted on June 14, 2017

BattleTech, from developer Harebrained Schemes, was highlighted during the PC gaming show at E3. For many, however, this game won’t be new to them. Creator Jordan Weisman is on the project and brings Mech real time strategy back to the forefront of PC gamer interest. Jordan was the co-developer of  MechCommander and MechAssault alongside FASA Mitch Gitelman over a decade ago. They are now working together to release what looks to be an exciting and action packed RTS game, BattleTech.

I’ll admit this is the first time I’ve heard of this game, however, it’s known to at least 45,000 people given that’s the total number of people who’ve backed the return of this game prior to the E3 mention. The backers helped the developers reach a whooping  $2.5 million dollars to  add wanted features to BattleTech. Their original target goal of their Kickstarter was $250,000 which was far exceeded. Prior to the fund raiser, $1 million was set aside for the game’s development so it’s clear that there is a lot of support for this game’s release.

The milestones achieved on Kickstarter are as follows:

  • Base Skimish Game – $500,000 target achieved
  • Single player campaign – $1.5 million target achieved
  • Expansion of said campaign – $2.15 million achieved
  • Online PVP – $2.5 million dollar target achieved

The game adapts the Classic BattleMech tabletop board and uses it to set the scene for BattleTech. You play as a mercenary commander navigating a war between feuding noble houses. As a player, you lead a team of BattleMechs which are customisable to your will. You can control the customisation of up to 4 mechs prior to battle which includes changing skills, pilots, and amour. With a new take of RTS, BattleTech offers an explosive and exciting approach to turn-based strategy games. I’m personally excited for this release and hope to see more details emerge closer to the end of 2017.

BattleTech is due for release mid to late 2017 on Windows, Mac and Linux!