E3 2017: Beyond Good And Evil 2… FINALLY

Posted on June 13, 2017

Ubisoft has finally released the prequel to the original Xbox launch title, Beyond Good and Evil. This came as a huge shock to everyone as it has been over 14 years in the making for Beyond Good and Evil 2. This successor invites players to explore System 3, a vast solar system and hub of interstellar colonization and commerce in the 24th century.

A lot of new fans may not understand this intense trailer, as the original debuted in 2003, so check our this breakdown to assist:

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is a strange universe of genetic alterations through science and innovation to bring us the strangeness of the Beyond Good and Evil world. “We fight in the name of freedom & the right to determine our own fate among the stars” outlines just how the world is not yet accustomed to this change, with many augmented and altered beings seeking to find themselves and where they belong as they struggle to survive in a society of space piracy, where the evolved species and diverse cultures from Old Earth come together.

Rise through the ranks from lowly pirate to a legendary captain among the stars. Explore System 3 at light speed, either on your own or with friends, in an endless and seamless online environment.

“We know the expectations for Beyond Good and Evil 2 are enormous,” says Creative Director Michel Ancel. “We’re creating a sci-fi space opera, a game where players fight for freedom alongside unforgettable characters and explore a stunning and vast solar system, all while capturing the spirit of Beyond Good and Evil.”

No release date as of yet but stay tuned through E3 for all new information as it breaks.