E3 2017: Evil Within 2 leaked via Reddit

Posted on June 11, 2017

Oh dear! It seems that the giants of the video game industry are extremely sloppy when  it comes to holding secrets. Yet again another major leak has appeared on social media, this time The Evil Within 2 coming from Bethesda less than 24 hours before their official press conference.

Back in 2014 Shinji Mikami introduced to the world a whole different realm of survival horror with his mind-boggling game The Evil Within, and I think we can agree that we have not run into many games as messed up and twisted than this.

While rumours have been flying about a sequel for the last several weeks, one of Bethesda major secrets has just surfaced and we are now aware that we will be yet again descending into  another insane chapter of The Evil Within.

The Evil Within 2 is happening and was leaked as a pre-order ad on Reddit. We can now officially expect to see Bethesda lift the lid on this one at its E3 conference tomorrow.

I guess… lets just act like we didn’t know anything and pretend to act surprised when they announce it?