E3 2017: Freedom is control in Black the Fall

Posted on June 16, 2017

Indie developer Sand Sailor Studio have released a new trailer as part of E3 for their debut action title, Black the Fall

Set in a dystopian communist world, an old machinist begins his escape and soon befriends an unlikely ally – an abandoned robot.

Heavily inspired by real events that have occurred in Romania (well apart from the robot I guess), Black the Falls screams out with an Oddworld style and charm.  Solve puzzles and manipulate both human and machine using a stolen designator tool, and immerse yourself in this dark and masterful world.

Black the Fall screenshot

“We chose a puzzle game approach, as this would better illustrate what it means to cope with a restrictive regime. We lived in times where there was no freedom of speech, intellectuals were thrown in prisons and tortured, food was subject to rationing, there was no access to contraception. Access to western culture was minimal. It sounds Orwellian, but unfortunately it happened in real life in most of communist countries. And the worst part is that it’s still happening in some parts of the world.” said Cristian Diaconescu (Creative Director, Sand Sailor Studio).  “Also, as we explored this path we realized that the oppressive mechanics apply to the western world today, where a lot of people feel trapped in conforming with a system they don’t believe in. With Black the Fall, we are offering an alternative course of action, where anyone has the chance to outsmart the system and escape it.”

You can start your escape on July 11 2017 when Square Enix Collective launches this title on PS4, Xbox One and PC.