E3 2017: Lawbreakers coming soon

Posted on June 16, 2017

This year at E3, Boss Key Productions  announced the arrival date of their latest  game, Lawbreakers.

Lawbreakers is a shooter where you are shockingly not a ‘Lawbreaker’ ,but either an ‘Upholder of the Law’ or a ‘Breaker’. This competitive team based shooter (Overwatch really kicked something off, huh?) puts a twist on the genre with gravity defying characters, game-modes and maps, taking the fight to a whole other level (literally).

Boasting 9 unique characters, each with different play styles to master,with a character on either side of Law or Breakers and 3 different game types, Lawbreakers is set to be an intense 360 degree action packed deathmatch from every angle.

Lawbreakers will launch on August 8th this year, for PC and PS4.

If you really can’t wait till that long though, you still have a chance to sign up for the Beta on their website. The next Beta event will include a new map, a new game mode and a new weapon sticker for players. It will run from June 28th (for Beta Key holders, else June 30) till July 3rd. Get more information for it here. In the meantime, check out the trailer below!