E3 2017: Microsoft Indies are absolutely killing it

Posted on June 12, 2017

Although its always mind blowing to see trailers released from the heavy hitters of the video game industry, it’s always fantastic to paint a picture as to what the independent companies are up to and the skills and potential they harness.

Microsoft held nothing back when it came to showcasing its indie compilation, recognising a lot of talent from around the world – including Australia and New Zealand! Take a look at the trailer below and see for yourself.

Each game possesses it own uniqueness; some of them or if not all of them depending on your taste have incredible hooks. I mean for instance Osiris well and truly could be a Mass Effect spin off, Paladins is visually brilliant, Ashen has amazing 3rd person RPG action game play; the generation of the indie is still upon us with these fantastic titles.

For more indie E3 goodness, keep coming back to Checkpoint for more news as it drops.