E3 2017: Monster Hunter XX may not get a localisation

Posted on June 16, 2017

Everyones a little confused when it comes to Capcoms Monster Hunter XX at the moment. Are we getting it for the Switch or not?

Monster Hunter XX, originally released on the 3DS, is an extended port of Monster Hunter Generations and the answer seems to be no, it looks like we’re not getting either of those for the Switch just yet.

Capcom recently announced that the Switch was getting a Monster Hunter game, but not for western audiences, causing a bit of an uproar.

Since then, their twitter tells a different story.

So it looks like we won’t be getting it anytime soon, with the company being fairly coy about it. With no offical responses one way or another, it’s really hard to tell at this point.  It’d seem that the quick response to the hard ‘there will be no western version’ implies they’re keeping the option open though.

On the upside, they have of course announced Monster Hunter World for PS4 and Xbox One.

So are we looking at some console bias? Probably not, given most of the Monster Hunter games were on Nintendo systems in the past. Guess we’re playing the waiting game.