E3 2017: PlayLink announced

Posted on June 13, 2017

Sony have a revealed a new multiplayer game, PlayLink, that uses your phones as the controllers and lets you play games together, much like the JackBox Party Pack titles. Check out the trailers below from Sony’s Media Showcase at E3. Including games like Frantic, SingStar Celebrations and Knowledge Is Power. It’s available exclusively on PlayStation 4.

One of the included games, That’s You!,┬áis a game that utilises your phones camera to create your avatar and use in its mini games. The trailer below demonstrates a game where you take a photo of another player and then draw on the photo to make the person look how the game requests. Another mode asks questions of the players who have to name each other as “most likely to…” which could end up pretty brutal, depending on the options presented.

Another game featured in the trailer is Hidden Agenda, a crime choice-making game from the team that madeUntil Dawn, where you can play solo using your mobile or with friends. Much like Until Dawn, the game really relies on your choices to create the outcome. The story centers around catching a serial killer called the Trapper.; all of your choices matter, everyone can die and everyone can live.

Get your phones charged, because PlayLink is not very far away; it will be launching on July 4th.