E3 2017: RUINER promises to ruin you

Posted on June 16, 2017

If their website is anything to go by, RUINER is set to be a clever and immersive action shooter.

The first of the games featured during Devolver Digital’s… interesting E3 presentation, featuring a few seconds of gameplay, RUINER is a top-down action shooter by Polish indie developer Reikon Games. RUINER is set in the year 2091 “created in the spirit of cult cyberpunk anime and game classics” and is due for release later this year.

On the streets in RUINER

Reikon Games certainly knows how to market a game, with still almost nothing given away so far except for a few in-game moves and screenshots, and a lot of stylish artwork.  Guess that’s why the game is called RUINER and not SPOILER.

Check out the new game footage below (starts 3m50s, ends 4m59s), and check out the prologue of the game by scrolling down the  website that turns the site into a comic book!  I told you these people are good at marketing.

Also be warned, you can watch part of the Devolver Digital E3 2017 press conference below… if you dare.