E3 2017: Sundered brings the action and the horror

Posted on June 16, 2017

Due for release in July 2017 is Sundered for PS4, Windows, OS X and Linux.  It is the latest offering from the makers of Jotun, Thunder Lotus Games, and had an incredible Kickstarter run earlier this year.

What may look at first glance to be a Disney side-scrolling action game is anything but… Sundered is a nightmarish journey that looks simply beautiful.  Although classed as a horror I am sure you will not wish to close your eyes or turn away from the amazing hand-drawn graphics.

Sundered title logo

The game focuses around a wanderer named Eshe, who is trapped in a ruined world of caverns filled with eldritch horrors.  The game promises multiple endings as you can harness the power of corrupted relics to beat your enemies, but as expected, there is a cost if you choose to use them.

Albeit brief, the E3 teaser trailer for Sundered gives a glimpse at one of the game’s bosses Nyarlathotep, who looks truly mesmerising!  Bonus points if you instantly picked the Lovecraft reference.