E3 2017: Transference looks weird AF

Posted on June 13, 2017

Ubisoft have teamed up with Spectrevision to bring their twist on story telling to a new Ubisoft VR game, Transference. Elijah Wood, who is the co-founder of Spectrevision, heads up the video talking about how the game digitises the human mind. The video talks a lot about what they want the players to experience but not a lot about exactly what the game is.  The developers in the video even say that whilst players are playing it, they will be unsure about what they’re experiencing and it seems like their aim is to unsettle and frighten players and make them think differently about the limitations of VR gameplay.

Ubisoft have left many scratching their head about what this new VR game could be, check out the trailer below and tell us what you think.

In another video uploaded to Ubisoft’s YouTube page, Wood discusses how neuroscientists had figured out how to upload the memories, brain data, emotions and trauma of individuals to the digital space. He also explains how the game is a recreation of one person’s consciousness.

A mysterious man recorded in video form reassures us that we’re completely safe, in a very ominous way, that would lead us to believe we are not, at all.