Gigantic extends its beta to more players

Posted on June 25, 2017

If you’ve not heard of Gigantic you’re not alone. The soon to be released free-to-play multiplayer title from Perfect World Entertainment Inc has been slowly boiling away and building a fairly loyal fan base — helped by its open beta that launched on the Windows 10 store last December.

With just a month until the release of the full game, one of the big requests from fans was to open up the beta to non-Windows 10 gamers, a request that is now being granted with the beta launch on Arc this week.

Gigantic blends a MOBA with third-person action gameplay. Removing lanes and towers, the focus is on giving energy to one of two gargantuan beasts. Once strong enough, the behemoth will lead an attack against its opposition. Gain energy by engaging the enemy and exploring the map.

With a gorgeous art style and some fantastic character design you can download the beta on the Xbox One store, Windows 10 store or the Arc store. Once Gigantic is released on June 22nd you will also be able to play on Steam with an active Arc account.

The Gigantic Hero Logo

Be sure to check out more information about Gigantic on their website. Will we be seeing you on the battlefield?