Gold and Silver PS4 consoles are coming this month

Posted on June 7, 2017

Ever felt like your PS4 lacked a certain pizzazz? Want to show off how classy you are? Do you simply enjoy shiny things? Well, you’re in luck, because Sony has confirmed that a run of extremely limited¬†gold and silver coloured PS4 consoles will be launching later this month.

Currently, we know the following:

  • The gold console will launch in the US with a 1TB hard drive on June 9th. The price is set at $249.99 US.¬†At this stage, the silver model has no scheduled release in the US.
  • Both gold and silver consoles will launch in Europe with 500GB hard drives on June 28th. No price has been revealed.
  • Both models will be launching in the UAE on June 15th.
  • Matching controllers are available with the console purchase and as standalone products.
  • There are no plans on resupplying the consoles once stocks are exhausted.

While no Australia-specific news is available at this time, hopefully we aren’t left out and can pick up one of the sleek and stylish consoles sooner rather than later.