Good Game alumni Hex and Nichboy are returning to our screens

Posted on June 13, 2017

At the beginning of the year, fans of ABC’s Good Game series were hit by some pretty heavy news. The much loved show had its main title as well as its YouTube series cancelled. Staying on was Good Games for kids version, Spawn Point. This meant that fan favourites Hex and Nichboy would not be around any longer.

Shortly after the announcement was made it was revealed that the pair would be heading over to 7mate to helm an entirely new show, however since then we’ve not heard anything except that it was “on its way”.

The silence has now ended as the pair announced their new endeavour screenPLAY on twitter.

As a long standing fan of Good Game and specifically Hex and Nichboy, I won’t lie, this has me pretty excited. Good Game was one of the few shows I used to actually turn my TV on to watch each week. The team have consistently been the voices for some great topics and have been extremely supportive of things such as the importance of diversity in gaming. Here’s hoping channel 7 give the pair the freedom they’ll need to create something really special and fun.

The new show will have a reveal this Thursday, June 15th, at 3pm AEST on their Facebook page.