JRPG Blue Reflection is making its way to the west

Posted on June 7, 2017

Koei Tecmo have dropped the news that JRPG  Blue Reflection will be heading westward in the back-end of 2017. Originally launched in March in Japan on PS4 and Vita, western gamers will be able to pick it up on PS4 and PC.

Centered around a high school student named Hinako Shirai, who wanted to be a ballet dancer until a tragic accident left her unable to pursue her dreams. This leads Hinako to wall herself off from the world until a chance meeting with magical twins Lime and Yuzu Shijou. Together, the twins imbue Hinako with the power of being a “Reflector”, enabling her to travel to “The Common”, a  parallel dimension (TV World from Persona 4, anyone?) where her imagination can alter its reality.

Alongside the western release dates, a number of pre-order bonuses have been revealed. If picked up from Amazon, Best Buy, EB Games, GameStop, or PS Store, you will receive an outfit inspired by Rorona from Atelier Rorona and a School Swimsuit costume (hmm). Additionally, a theme will be given for the “FreeSpace!” in-game social network app, and a PS4 theme for purchases through the PS Store.

Blue Reflection will be coming to the PS4 and PC in North America on September 26, 2017, and then a European (and presumably Australian) release on September 29, 2017.