Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer released

Posted on June 11, 2017

Square Enix have given fans a taste of Kingdom Hearts 3 with a trailer that was released at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour concert in Los Angeles. Thankfully for everyone who wasn’t in attendance at the show, Square Enix have uploaded a Japanese-language trailer to their YouTube.

The trailer goes for almost 2 and a half minutes and shows us quite a lot of fancy action packed gameplay from Sora, Donald and Goofy. It also shows off views of some of the games backdrops like Mount Olympus. and we get a look at some cut scenes featuring Pete, Maleficent and Hades.

Sadly , the trailer still comes with no release date for the long awaited final installment in the Kingdom Hearts current story line. But the trailer does finish up with a tease, leading us to believe there will be a new trailer coming soon showing off more.

It’s been 4 years (!) since Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced at E3 and it’s starting to feel like the game is finally getting close. Are you as hyped as I am?