Monopoly gets Nintendo treatment complete with boss battles

Posted on June 30, 2017

Hasbro and Nintendo have announced Monopoly Gamer – your classic physical board game with a Nintendo twist.

With Monopoly Gamer you can still race around the board buying properties and breaking up friendships and families, but now you can also collect coins in true Mario style, as well as power-up your character and battle iconic bosses!

Monopoly Gamer board

Coins replace the Monopoly currency in an interesting twist where players may drop and collect coins as well as earn coins through the normal Monopoly mechanics.

Each player token will have its own special power, and no I don’t mean you can now play with a mega-boot or the Thimble of Doom (I think I just came up with something brilliant though).  The player tokens are Nintendo classic characters that include Mario, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong and Yoshi.  Landing on the ‘Super Star’ board space will activate Princess Peach’s Super Star power  that is able to collect rent from the bank and Yoshi’s Super Star power collects all the coins on the board.  You can also activate these special boosts by rolling a power-up die, which has other special moves you can choose to use during play.

The boss battles replace the Chance cards and give you an opportunity to battle against a classic Nintendo boss, where winning gains a definite advantage in the game, and losing can give your opponents a chance (oh I get it now…).

Monopoly Gamer power pack

Monopoly Gamer will start to roll out in stores in August, and  special ‘power packs’ will also be available for separate purchase that each include additional characters such as Luigi, Boo, Rosalina, Wario and Diddy Kong, each with their own special powers.  And of course it wouldn’t be Nintendo if there wasn’t promise of even more characters to choose from.  I am just surprised they are not using amiibos for this.

Want to know more about the game rules and see the game in action?  Check out the video below (warning:  there are screechy children towards the end of the clip).