Move or Die gets “Schwifty” with Rick and Morty themed DLC

Posted on June 30, 2017

Do you like party games? Do you like Rick and Morty? Did you answer yes to both questions? WELL THEN, you should be well and truly pumped for this news! Coming to popular party game Move or Die is the “Kickass Cameo Pack”, which features five characters from the hilarious and addictive cartoon “Rick and Morty”. The free pack (because the best things in life always are) includes the titular Rick and Morty, Bird Person, Mr. Meeseeks (LOOK AT ME!), and Krombopulos.

For the uninitiated, Move or Die is a competitive action game where players cannot stop moving, as standing still drains the health bar. The rules of the game change with each round, and each round lasts a mere 20 seconds. I can only imagine the kind of chaos a portal gun and witty one-liners from Rick is gonna add to the experience!

Rick and Morty characters in Move or Die

Anyone with the game has now got this pack added to their steam library, free of charge! If you don’t have Move or Die yet, the game is currently on sale via Steam for $5.99 USD, or you can get the “Move or Die 4 Pack” for $15.99 USD. Much like Pokémon, anything with Rick and Morty attached to it is attractive to me, so I’m bound to pick this up in the Steam sale.